Meet the twins: Arthur and Bernardo

An image of Arthur and Bernardo, craniopagus twins, before their separation surgery. They are being held up by their parents and a doctor, and are on a hospital bed.

Case Study: Arthur & Bernardo 2022 Our mission at Gemini Untwined is to empower medical teams around the world with the skills, knowledge and experience to undertake these highly complex procedures themselves. With Arthur and Bernardo, twin boys from Brazil, we were able to do just this. Arthur and Bernardo were born craniopagus in a […]

Gemini Untwined recently hosted its very first fundraiser

Attendees at the Gemini Untwined fundraiser, including Dr. Jeelani, pose for a group photograph. They are in the Wellcome Collection. A staircase with a red carpet lies in the background.

Gemini Untwined’s First Fundraiser Gemini Untwined recently hosted its very first fundraiser – a private concert with internationally renowned violinists, the Carpenter Siblings, at the Wellcome Collection in London. The evening kicked off with welcoming remarks from our CEO, Marelisa Vega, and an address from one of our co-founders, neurosurgeon Owase Jeelani. He shared the […]

Israeli Twins Case Study

An image of the Israeli twins post-surgery, lying in bed.

Case Study: Israeli Twins In March 2021, we were contacted by the team at the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba, Israel. There, we were introduced to our fourth set of craniopagus twins: twin girls born just months before in the local area. Over the next months, we worked closely with the team at Soroka to plan the surgery. […]

Yigit and Derman

Yigit and Derman, two craniopagus twins, smile happily post-operation, they are in a hospital.

Case study: Yigit and Derman After 3 sets of girls, this time we had 2 boys referred to us. They were in good shape and as the charity was up and running, logistics and funding were much easier and quicker to arrange on this occasion. Mr Jeelani first saw them in August 2019 whilst on […]

Safa and Marwa

Safa & Marwa lie on a bed post-operation. One of them smiles happily at the other.

Case study: Safa & Marwa A tricky start It took longer than expected to arrange the logistics to have the twins transferred over to the UK, arriving in August 2018. The first stage of separation was undertaken on 15th October 2018, with this surgery lasting 10 hours. The next stage of separation was 4 weeks […]

Rital & Ritag

Rital and Ritag sit on their parent's shoulders. One kisses the other, while their parents smile for the camera.

Case Study: Rital & Ritag Rital and Ritag come from a family of doctors, so they had done their research prior to contacting our team. The girls arrived in the UK on April 11th 2011. They underwent their first surgery on 9th May 2011. The surgery was staged over 4 separations, with the final separation […]