Our work to support craniopagus twins and their families would not be possible without the support of our donors. Even after surgery, the children will need rehabilitation for several months and often in a different country to their birth home.

Every day is a chance for you to make a difference to their lives.
Our charity depends on your support to give these children the best chance to fulfil their potential.

A true chance for craniopagus twins starts here.

Craniopagus twins are rare, so there is a very limited body of research on this subject. In order to make better decisions about how to treat our patients, we need to better understand the epidemiology and natural history of CPT.

Through our team’s world-leading research, we have redefined the way clinicians and surgeons around the globe treat craniopagus twins, giving a lifeline to the children born with this condition.

We are the world’s leading dedicated charitable funder and researcher of craniopagus twins, but we urgently need more support to help our researchers find more life-saving innovations.

Please donate to our research fund today.

Some people choose to leave a legacy donation to help fund future research and treatment of craniopagus twins. Gifts in wills, large or small, are an incredible way to support our cause and make a lasting difference.

By leaving a gift to Gemini Untwined, you help us to fund pioneering research and surgeries, advanced medical equipment, child and family support services and rehabilitative therapies. Today’s legacies will help the children who will need us in the future.

Please contact us today to leave a gift in your will.

Giving to Gemini Untwined in memory of a loved one is a meaningful way to create a legacy for them and helps to create a brighter future for our young patients.

Whether you'd like to make a one-off gift, hold a funeral collection, or set up a lasting tribute fund, your support helps us to provide world-class treatments and care for craniopagus twins and their families - thank you.

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Why support us?

Gemini Untwined is the world’s leading charity dedicated to researching and supporting craniopagus twins and their families through surgical separation. Craniopagus twins are rare, so making a philanthropic donation to Gemini Untwined really is a personal lifeline to a child born with this condition.

A philanthropic donation offers a personal, unique, and rewarding opportunity to help change the lives of children born with this condition. We strive to keep you – our donors – updated regularly with how your donation is being used.

If you’d like more information, please email our Philanthropy team.


Why partner with us?

We are extremely thankful to our network of corporate partners who make our work possible through pro-bono support, guidance, and operational assistance.

They share our passion for the work we do together and are always proud to see first-hand the real difference they can and do make every day.

Meet our partners

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We are so grateful for the commitment and expertise of our volunteers, who support us in a number of ways: from assisting with the day-to-day running of the charity, to providing bespoke support tailored to their skill-sets (e.g., research, design, event organisation, web development).
If you would like to show your support to Gemini by volunteering your time or your services to us, then please send us an email at info@geminiuntwined.com