Case Study: Rital & Ritag

Rital and Ritag come from a family of doctors, so they had done their research prior to contacting our team. The girls arrived in the UK on April 11th 2011. They underwent their first surgery on 9th May 2011.

The surgery was staged over 4 separations, with the final separation being undertaken on 15th August 2011.

The girls made a swift recovery and were discharged from the hospital soon after. The girls and their parents are leading happy, fulfilling lives.

Rital and Ritag's parents hold their daughters post-operation. The babies interact with each other.
Rital and Ritag smile happily at the camera post-operation.


More Twins

Safa & Marwa lie on a bed post-operation. One of them smiles happily at the other.

Safa and Marwa

Case study: Safa & Marwa A tricky start It took longer than expected to arrange the logistics to have the twins transferred over to the

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