An image of Arthur and Bernardo, craniopagus twins, before their separation surgery. They are being held up by their parents and a doctor, and are on a hospital bed.

Meet the twins: Arthur and Bernardo

Case Study: Arthur & Bernardo 2022 Our mission at Gemini Untwined is to empower medical teams around the world with …

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Attendees at the Gemini Untwined fundraiser, including Dr. Jeelani, pose for a group photograph. They are in the Wellcome Collection. A staircase with a red carpet lies in the background.

Gemini Untwined recently hosted its very first fundraiser

Gemini Untwined’s First Fundraiser Gemini Untwined recently hosted its very first fundraiser – a private concert with internationally renowned violinists, …

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An image of the Israeli twins post-surgery, lying in bed.

Israeli Twins Case Study

Case Study: Israeli Twins In March 2021, we were contacted by the team at the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba, …

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Yigit and Derman, two craniopagus twins, smile happily post-operation, they are in a hospital.

Yigit and Derman

Case study: Yigit and Derman After 3 sets of girls, this time we had 2 boys referred to us. They …

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