Our history


CPT-1: British twins

The first set of craniopagus twins to be separated in the UK.


Statistical Shape Models

David Dunaway and Owase Jeelani initiate first research study, Statistical Shape Models, comparing a group of children with Sagittal Synostosis and another with typically developing skulls and referencing the geometric differences between the two groups to aid surgical planning.


Owase Jeelani invents a spring device to create space in the skull.


CPT-2: Sudanese twins

Our second set of twins successfully separated at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Face Value research programme is initiated on the back of the spring project, with a £1m investment.

Face Value research group is formed,led by David Dunaway and Owase Jeelaniand composed of clinicians, engineers, and computer scientists.


Started using Principal Component Analysis to analyse facial shape and correction.

Pivotal leap from 2D to 3D planning,
which had never been used for cranial
facial applications before.

Collection of 12,000 faces established with the British Science Museum.

Forming the world's largest database of its kind to date, with the aim of building finite element methodology and statistical models from children's faces.


CPT-A: Advised on a set of twins in Africa


Commercialisation of GOSH spring device in partnership with KLS Martin.


First publication of the LSFM (science journal).

CPT-B: Advised on a set of twins in Asia

Automated generation of multiple 3D models.


Automatic 3D landmarking of CT scans.

First combined skeletal model and soft tissue model.

Created FE model able to predict the outcome of surgery to within 10%
of the outcome.

CPT-3: Pakistani twins

Our third set of twins successfully separated in GOSH.


Owase Jeelani founds Gemini Untwined.

Machine learning diagnosis framework for auto diagnosis.

Incorporation of Klay Biotech Ltd.


Seed Investment from founders.

Development of software specification and financial model.

CPT-4: Turkish twins

Our fourth set of twins successfully separated in GOSH.

CPT-5: Israeli twins

Our fifth set of twins successfully separated – this time in Israel.


CPT-C: Advised on a set of twins in Europe

CPT-D: Advised on a set of twins in Africa

Marelisa Vega is appointed CEO of Gemini Untwined


CPT-6: Brazilian twins

Our sixth set of twins successfully separated in Rio, establishing Gemini’s first Global Partner Hub in Latin America.